It is seven times more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing one


Customer Retention

Loyaltyworx bridges the gap between the store and customer communication by offering insight and understanding of their individual needs.Recognising these customers with a world-class reward system, ensures their loyalty and continued support.

Already Running A Loyalty Program?

No problem, just import your existing customers along with their existing card numbers and you ready to go... no interruption!

Need Reports?

Run comprehensive reports from Posworx Interactive reports to help you get to know your customers and see which promotions work best for your business.


We'd love to expand our platform to accomodate you. Is there a platform you'd like us to integrate with Loyaltyworx? Let us know here and we'll get right back to you as soon as possible


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Targeted Marketing

Send promotional mesages to loyalty customers of current promotions as well as birthday and anniversary bonuses.

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Increase Spend & Frequency

Incentivise your customers to return more often, spend more per visit and purchase promotional products.

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Reward Customers

Build deep relationships with customers and reward them with loyalty points when they visit and spend.

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Understand Your Customer

Incentivise your customers to return more often, spend more per visit and purchase promotional products.

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Powerful Reporting

Identify trends within your business, from seasonal demand fluctuations to patronage behaviourand purchase patterns.

Powered By Loyaltyworx

Boardriders Club

The Boardriders Club application, Powered by Loyaltyworx




Loyaltyworx provides you with robust security that you and your consumers can feel comfortable with. You're in full control of your customers point spending limits with what we call IFDS(Intelligent Fraud Detection System), while your customers can prevent any loyalty purchase that was not authorized by them, themselves.

Understand Your Customer

We know how important it is for you to understand and engage with your customers, we have made this possible with Loyaltyworx which seemlessly integrates with Posworx, allowing you to see your customers spending and buying patterns.

Best Price

From small businesses to global enterprises, Loyaltyworx fits your company and grows when you do. Our pricing is a flat fee per store, no limits on the number of transactions or loyalty members.


LoyaltyWorx can be used as a gift card system as well as a loyalty system to earn points on purchases.

Great Customer Retention

Customers enjoy a great deal, rewarding your customers with points not only gives them a feeling of appreciation on your behalf, it gives them a reason to return to your stores and use up the points that they were rewarded. Loyaltyworx takes care of the whole process for your businesses.

Loyalty Points And Rewards

Engage customers more effectively with personalised loyalty emails and notifications that show individual point’s balances, available rewards and earning opportunities.

Awesome Support

Need help? Don't worry, our team will gladly assist you! Simply contact us directly and we will hop on to your issue almost instantaneously.

Data-driven Loyalty Insights

Use data and insights from your loyalty program to show customers that you value and understand their individual buying behaviours.